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Yoga Postures
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This 60 minute total body yoga class will give your full body a total body a deep yoga stretch and strengthening routine that you can do every day. Total body poses that strengthen your back open your chest and tone your abdominal organs will allow you to let go of unhealthy feelings and thoughts so we can connect with our self-worth and take in vital energy. Yoga poses for your hamstrings are fantastic for back pain and will allow you to let go of fear, anxiety, overwhelm and trust the flow of your life. Yoga poses for your core strength release fuzzy thinking and provide security and support. There are fabulous poses that strengthen your upper body, open up the flow of energy in your upper body and also improve breast tissue health and improve the flow of lymph. Standing postures will strengthen your lower body, improve the flexibility of your joints, improve your balance and with the added stability and groundedness will give you a sense of safety, security and trust in your life. Finally in savasana we will have the opportunity to open to poetry as a spiritual practice. We will let go of our analytical mind and open to the pleasure and mystery of poetry after a full body deep stretch and total body yoga practice that is suitable for daily practice.

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In April in our membership community we will be supporting our members in their primary aspiration of commiting to their daily yoga practice by formulating daily yoga timetables and extra support like a Daily Yoga Chart and a live class with two way video teaching our members how to use the Daily Yoga Chart.

I will be releasing 5 new classes into our membership in April including:

30 Minute Daily Hatha Yoga
Daily Hatha Yoga for Grounding (30 mins)
Daily Hatha Yoga for Strength (30 mins)
Daily Hatha Yoga for Optimal Digestion (30 mins)
Daily Hatha Yoga for Breast Tissue Health (20 mins)

We would love to welcome you into our community and support you in your daily yoga practice in April and beyond:


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